Terms and Conditions

Policies on Reservations, Cancellations, and Refunds

Reservation Policies

All prices published on our web page www.suntrailslodge.com are top self pricing, or the maximum price. All prices include sales taxes. All prices, promotions, and discounts are subject to change without prior warning. For this reason it is important that persons interested in making a reservation make contact with us by writing to info@suntrailslodge.com or by calling +506 2642-0808.

To guarantee a room your paying options are as follows:

1. A bank transfer to our account,

2. A payment with PayPal through our website www.suntrailslodge.com.

All payments should be made at least 72 hours before the date you wish to reserve and a receipt of your payment should be sent to the hotel via email. In addition, for your reservation to be valid you should receive a confirmation email from the hotel. If the reservation is not made 72 hours prior your selected date the reservation will be subject to availability. Afterwards one of our representatives will contact you via telephone or email to confirm that the transaction was completed.

Reservations are only considered GUARANTEED when they have completed these requisites.

A reservation is guaranteed with the payment of one night’s stay.

We recommend that everyone interested in making a reservation read carefully the section labeled Cancellation Policies before making their reservation.

Important Notes:

After completing the reservation process, both the guest and Suntrails Lodge are bound to uphold the internal rules of the hotel, as well as respect and act in accordance with the terms of the Reservation, Cancellations, and Refunds Policies.

Suntrails Lodge will not be held responsible in the case of misunderstandings resulting from the guest declining to read our Policies document.

This information is also published for your convenience on our website www.suntrailslodge.com.

Hours for Check-in 14:00 and Check-out at 12:00

Reservations made through a Travel Agency:

In the case that the reservation was made through a travel agency, the guest should present a printed confirmation document to the receptionist corresponding to the reservation.

Cancellation Policies

Reservations through a travel agency or on the internet:

If you wish to modify  or cancel a reservation that you made through a travel agency please contact the agency you used by telephone through their customer service line.

Reservations made directly through Suntrails Lodge:

If you wish to modify or cancel a reservation please make contact with us immediately at info@suntrailslodge.com or by telephone at +506 8720-0003. We suggest that you consult the corresponding section of the Cancellations Policies before contacting us.

The following is a description of our general policies for cancellations:

Reservations cancelled at least 5 days before the reserved date will be free of charge ALWAYS AND WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN PAID IN CASH. If the payment has been made with a credit card, debit card, or by international bank transfer A 5% CHARGE WILL APPLY TO COVER THE COST OF BANK COMMISSION FEES. In these cases the refund will be realized through a deposit or bank transfer. Not withholding, the client also has the option to modify the date of the reservation WITHOUT PENALTY always and when they communicate with us by telephone or email AT LEAST 3 DAYS PRIOR TO THE ORIGINAL DATE THE RESERVATION WAS MADE so that we can make all the pertinent changes. All cancellations and modifications to reservations should be confirmed by the hotel via email to be considered valid. As long as there is availability.

Reservations cancelled within less than 5 days of the date reserved will be refunded with a penalty equivalent to one nights stay. All refunds will be made exclusively through bank deposit or electronic transfer.

All reservations that are not cancelled with anticipation (No Show’s), or cancelled within 2 days of the reservation will be charged the equivalent of 100% of one night’s stay WITHOUT THE RIGHT TO MODIFY THE DATE OF RESERVATION.

All reservations can be modified (date, room type, etc.) without charge if and when the guest contacts the reservations department with at least 3 days anticipation.

Important Notes:

All modifications in relation to date change, room type, or number of occupants should be solicited with at least 5 days anticipation.

If the date of the reservation is modified, it should not exceed 3 months after the original original date and can not be modified more than once.

All changes will be subject to availability. Verify with one of our representatives if there are rooms available for the date that interests you.

Some rules may be changed or not applied during high season or holidays.

Refund Policies

A refund process will only be realized when an error can be attributed to Suntrails Lodge as in the following cases:

When a charge has been made greater to the cost of the corresponding room type that the guest reserved.

When the number of nights that are charged exceeds the number of nights that the guest has stayed.

When in accordance with Suntrails Lodge Cancellation Policies the guest is entitled to receive some type of refund.

ALL refunds will be realized exclusively by bank deposit or electronic transfer directly to the client’s account. THERE ARE NO CASH REFUNDS.

Refunds may take 5-15 days before they are reflected in the client’s account. If they do not appear after this time period please contact info@suntrailslodge.com to verify the status of your refund.